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We Offer A One Stop Solution for Retailers

EBT + Credit + Debit Cards
Now in one terminal or POS System!

Apply to accept  EBT/SNAP

You can request to accept EBT/SNAP at your business by using our online retailer information form. Once you fill in and submit the form an agent will contact within 24-48 hours to go over the application process. 


Smart terminals. Secure payments.

With Rapid EBT smart POS Terminals you can process EBT + CREDIT + DEBIT + MOBILE WALLET + ONLINE* payments, all in one user friendly smart terminal! Our state-of-the-art payment terminals are full of great features.

  • NFC contactless payments for CREDIT

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive for your employees

  • Reporting via terminal and portal

  • Fast settlement

  • Certified, compliant solutions

  • Secure payments and fraud detection

Owning a business is hard... taking payments shouldn't have to be!

With Rapid EBT credit card processing is easy. Our smart POS terminals enables you to process EBT + CREDIT + MOBILE WALLET + ONLINE* payments, all in one smart terminal! As your trusted payment processor we always provide transparent pricing, fast settlement and fraud detection. Life has been hard enough, let us make it a little easier. shopping.png
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